Once a month, Phil, Director at Positive Sparks and I go through our new favourite apps making a difference to our daily lives in web marketing and online business.

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Our Favourite Marketing Apps of Jan 2016 and #MicroBizMattersDay

In this episode, I review Blab and Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM). Phil has a look at Hubspot’s free CRM and Hemingway. I also tell you all about my recent involvement in MicroBizMattersDay earlier this month in London.

Our Favourite Apps of the Month – April

In this episode, I review Mail Butler & YesWare, two email apps. Phil has a look at ToDoIst, a task management tool & Adespresso, the best Facebook Ads tool we know.

Tips for Kindle Authors Uploading & Promoting Their Latest Ebook

This month, we focus our choices on ebook authorship and promotion. Are you a writer? Do you have an ebook almost ready to go? Discover four great tips for editing and promoting your book and helping it take some nice first steps out into the Kindle world.

Our Fav Apps Of The Month – July

In this episode, I review Basecamp and Social Searcher. Phil goes through two of the apps he uses to create these podcasts in Garageband and Spreaker.

Our Fav Apps Of The Month – September

In this episode, I review the Google Analytics Chrome Plugin and Workflowy. Phil speaks about Link Redirector and Oribi, a free Facebook Ads insights tool.

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – November

In this month’s episode, I review LastPass, a well known password retrieval app that I’ve been using for some time. I also review a font detection tool called Fount that shows the fonts used on any webpage. Phil reviews Datavalidation.com, a web platform for checking the validity of email lists. Phil’s top app of the month is Fastbase, a Google Analytics integration tool that uses your web data to show you which companies have been visiting your website.

Our Favourite Marketing & Business Apps of Feb 2016

In this episode, I review DropTask and Slack, two task management platforms I’ve been working with. Phil has a look at Hashtagify.me and HashTagHour.biz, both useful tools in our new focus on Twitter marketing.

Our Favourite Apps of the Month – May

In this episode, I review OptimizePress and Readism. Phil discusses one of his fav apps Instapage, and two websites that help him take Instapage’s features even further.

Our Favourite Apps of the Month – June

In this episode, I review RescueTime and NoiseTrade. Phil discusses, one of his new fav social media promo tools, Quuu and Untweeps.

Our Fav Apps Of The Month – August

In this episode, I review Hotjar and Nuzzel. Phil speaks about Toggl and Grammarly.

Our Fav Apps Of The Month – October

In this episode, I review RSS tool Feedly and app integration platform Zapier. Phil talks about Youcanbook.me and Niume, an intriguing content sharing system.

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