À bientôt tout le monde!!

I am off to the UK next week for the first time since moving to France last year, it’s not really a holiday it’s for my best friend’s hen weekend.

Being away from work for 6 days is going to be interesting, I will still have Internet access but no real time to ‘work’ or check up on my social media networks much.

I have managed to arrange my work around my trip, so all my clients are aware of me not being here but I am still quite anxious about leaving the comfort of my daily work routine.

If you saw my recent blog post Social Media Robot – Do you Automate? you’ll know that I use various third party applications to help me automate a certain amount of my updates each day on my social media networks.  I will keep these running while I’m not working (although I do need to top-up Buffer), and of course I’ll have my iPhone with me which means I can keep up with Twitter, Facebook and my Buffer account.

I’ll also be responding to emails (again on my iPhone) so really when I think about it I’ll still be here, but maybe not so much.  I don’t think my best friend will appreciate me being on my phone all weekend catching up with my followers on Twitter.

I have made the decision not to schedule any blog posts while I am in the UK, and my reason behind that is I like to share them on my various social networks manually, and I won’t be able to do that if I’m not here.

So… what I have decided to do is give you a list of some of my guest blog posts I have done over the last few months which should last you until I return.  I hope they prove useful and if you’d like to leave me some comments I’ll respond to them when I am back at my desk.

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Social Media Tools that will Save you Time!

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