commentluv_premium_160x600Are you missing a great opportunity for your visitors to promote their blog?

I came across CommentLuv while browsing a blog some weeks ago, I can’t remember which blog it was but the chance to have my latest blog post show up in their comments was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

One thing I have been doing more this week, what with the Ultimate Blog Challenge is to visit a lot more blogs and also comment on them. It’s only fair after so many nice people have come along and commented on mine.  But I am disheartened when I don’t see CommentLuv at the bottom of the post.  It hasn’t stopped me from commenting on a good blog post, but it makes me wonder how many bloggers are missing a trick here by not using it?

There is a premium version of this plug-in, I only have the free version… maybe further down the line when I can warrant paying out for it I will, because I believe in the product.

Here are a few blog posts about CommentLuv, and most probably where I heard about it.

CommentLuv Premium : Increase Comments And Social Shares

Blogging for Business: Why I use CommentLuv Premium

Why should you install Commentluv on your blog

So take advantage of CommentLuv on my blog, make a comment and your latest blog post will show up alongside your comment.  You’ll definitely get more traffic because of it, I certainly have.  You can also follow Andy Bailey the developer of this plug-in on Twitter.

Do you use CommentLuv?  Have you seen an increase in traffic?

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