1. There are not enough hours in the day to do all you need to do.

  2. Every tiny task is taking longer than you would expect.

  3. You don’t seem to be able to clear your head for the important tasks.

  4. You have to put clients off as you have no space to see them.

  5. You are seeing less and less of your family.

  6. It’s been several years since you took a proper break.

  7. Your family are pressuring you to have a holiday with them.

  8. Your business is doing really well, and yet you cannot leave it for more than a day.

  9. You are paying for a gym membership but have no time to go.

  10. You have forgotten what the golf course looks like.

  11. Worse than that, you have a job to remember what your wife/girlfriend/significant other looks like.

  12. You forgot an important birthday/anniversary recently; this did not go down well.

  13. You sometimes wish you hadn’t been so successful, you managed well when your business was smaller.

  14. You‘d like to delegate some of the less important tasks, but there is no one to delegate to.

  15. You used to feel passionate about your job, and now it is weighing you down.

  16. You have a constant headache, or aching between your shoulder blades.

  17. You want to return to how you felt when you were riding high and managing all the jobs.

  18. You want someone to do some of the donkey work.

  19. You would like to spend more time with you family and friends.

  20. You want someone to carry some of the load and lift the pressure.

This is just a small example of how your success may have impacted on you, your family, and possibly your physical health and/or psychological health.  If you want to stay top of your game, to maintain maximum creativity, to enjoy a healthy balance of work and play you need go no further.

A Virtual Assistant can take care of all those tedious, menial, routine yet important tasks whilst you meet with clients and grow your business.   A VA can deal with your emails, make appointments, remember birthdays (you’ll need to pass that info on first, they’re not mind readers) and anniversaries.  A VA can free up time for you to spend with your family and friends.

You’re good at what you do, so maximise your expertise and stop bogging yourself down with what you’re not good at.

If you’re interested in seeing how a virtual assistant can help you check out my post Save Your Time and Money by Outsourcing.

Contact me for an information pack, check out my testimonials and see how I can help you.  Don’t put it off, this will make a big difference in a short space of time and will cost you less than a good meal out with a client.

Update: Check out my new eBook ‘3 Key Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant’

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