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Ian Tomkins has been employed by Jokers’ Masquerade fancy dress costumes for 10 years at the time of writing. Today, he specialises in digital marketing for the fancy dress company and is one of the biggest online fancy dress retailers in the UK.

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Currently, it is one of my roles here at Jokers to manage the Twitter account. We bought into Twitter big-time a few years ago after better understanding how it can be harnessed for such things as creating and sharing content, making contacts and building links to your website.

62551Everyone Uses Twitter?

Chances are, that most business that have some form of online presence today will have a Twitter account. If you are reading this guest post and your business is not yet taking advantage of the social networking platform, I suggest you do. Let me give you a statistic. In a poll run by a large digital marketing business* it was discovered that some 74% of people polled answered yes, they had complained about a brand on Twitter. That’s three quarters of users and they could be bashing your brand, product or company. If you are not yet on the site get on there and respond to these people appease them, show them how good your customers service is and win them back as a customer.

Okay, let’s not be negative, let’s not focus on complaints. Let’s assume you’re on Twitter and you are looking to increase your interaction, increase your retweets and your followers. What can we do? Well, we’ve collected a few ideas over the years, some we used to do on Twitter and some we still do today, and we’re going to share them here. Here are 3 fun ideas to try on Twitter that may increase your presence.

Run A Competition

Holding a contest on Twitter is almost guaranteed to increase not only interaction but also followers. Who doesn’t want something for free? We try to give away Halloween costumes on the Jokers’ Masquerade page as frequently as we can. Ways in which you can try this include an RT competition. Ask followers to retweet a tweet that includes a link to your web page, spreading brand awareness and creating links back to your site. A good contest should be promoted before it happens during the contest and the winner celebrated afterwards.

Be Proactive

If the people you want following you are not there go to them! Make the most of the search function searching for phrases and terms that are pertinent to your market or area of expertise. Find out who is posting content and ask them questions, ask them their opinion, ask them if they’d like to do a guest post on your blog or to review a product. Be proactive and build relationships. If you want a quick fix to increase your followers look-up all of your suppliers and follow them, send them a tweet and let them know who you are. I guarantee most will follow back.

Play Games!

Add an image with two of your corporate logos side by side with minor changes on one. You can them post a tweet that allows your followers to effectively play spot the difference. They will then be focusing on your logo which they will then remember more easily, especially since pictures are more easily remembered than say a piece of dialogue this could, potentially give you repeat business. Think about how you can play games to entertain your followers. Don’t try to be constantly selling, have fun too and give a reason to continue to follow you.


Just to clarify if you are unaware, the importance of retweets as far as your website in the eyes of Google is that the more links and the regularity of these links can help your placement on Google and where you rank. Regular RTs containing links to pages on your site will have a basic SEO benefit in getting pages indexed quicker and potentially increasing the page authority.

Try the things above if you are lacking ideas or simply plugging away with offers and links to products. Be creative and play games. Make it fun to interact with your brand. What are your thoughts on being playful with Twitter content? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

* According to consumer research conducted by Econsultancy in association with Toluna.

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