I thought it might be useful to do a follow-up to my recent blog post Who do you Follow on Twitter? and My Top 3 Social Media Apps which were two of the most popular posts in January, although they have been pipped at the post with 10 Virtual Assistant Resources in the last few days.  Do check out these if you haven’t done so yet.

What I wanted to go through today was a more indepth post about analysing your Twitter community (that’s your followers and friends – those you follow).  I have been using SocialBro for some weeks now and I think it’s a great tool to look at your Twitter statistics as well as searching for people to follow, who in turn you’d hope would follow you back.

The best way to explain how I use SocialBro each day is to do just that, tell you how I have been using it.  Each morning I open up the application (Google Chrome add-on) and it synchronises all the necessary information so it’s as up to date as possible.  It gives you a quick message telling you how many followers you have gained since the last time you used it and also how many people have unfollowed you.

Here is a screenshot of the main sections I’m going to discuss.

Recent Unfollows

My first port of call… I check out who has unfollowed me!  Most days I have a few unfollows, and 9 out of 10 times these are spammers who have followed me in the hope of a follow back.  Occasionally a real person will unfollow me, I don’t know why and there isn’t really anything I can do about it, life’s too short to worry too much about it.  If I am following any of these then I will take another look at their profile (as I mentioned in my previous blog post) and decide whether to unfollow back or keep them and see whether they provide any good content relevant to me.

New Followers

With my new followers I use the checklist I mentioned last time in Who do you Follow on Twitter? and decide whether I should follow them back.  If there are spammers I might at this point report them for spam, but usually I just ignore them, a few days later they tend to unfollow me anyway.

Not Following You Back

There are 219 people not following me back on Twitter, and this is something I look at once a week.  I did a check of this today and had a bit of a clear out.  Some of these are famous people, and to be honest it’s almost impossible to get a famous person following you back.   If you have some famous people following you on Twitter do let me know, who are they?

So today I went through this list and identified people on it that don’t post very often and don’t post relevant content I’m interested in.  I didn’t really have a strategy, I just clicked through them (all 13 pages) and made some quick decisions.  I managed to get the list down by 35 or so, so less irrelevant information on my Twitter feed for now.

There is one particular thing that stumps me when it comes to people following you.  There are a few Twitter users who don’t follow me back but they re-tweet my tweets, they communicate with me on Twitter and they even visit my blog.  I follow them, but they don’t follow me back, why is that I wonder?

Inactive Friends

Another useful section to look at is Inactive Friends, these are people who haven’t tweeted in the last 3 months.  I have got mine down to zero – I don’t need to be following people who are inactive.  I have also done a specific search for people who haven’t tweeted in the last 6 weeks and unfollowed most of these too.  Maybe I’m trying to be too organised?

Advanced Search

This is really useful if you’re looking for people to follow on Twitter.  You can enter keywords in here which will bring up a lot of Twitter users relevant to your search.  For example, I specialise in eBook formatting so I typed in the ‘Bio’ search box ‘unpublished author’ and it came up with hundreds of Twitter users I could potentially follow. As a test I followed some, maybe 20 or so to see if any of them would follow me back and potentially get in touch about helping them publish their work.  I’m still running that particular test, but I have had a couple of enquiries from Twitter, so it’s definitely something you could try.

There are so many other ways you can use SocialBro, I am sure I haven’t found them all yet.  I tend to use Best Time to Tweet, Real-time Analytics and Analyse your Competitors quite a bit too.

I hope this has been useful and that you may go away and check out SocialBro and try out some of the ideas I have told you about.

If you want to see what other social media apps I like to use, take a look at my recent blog post My Top 3 Social Media Apps.

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