Since writing A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant and A Different Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant very early last year, a lot of things have changed for me. I know how some of you enjoy reading about my life as well as the tips and advice I give on this blog, so I thought it was about time for a little catch-up.

As I wrote these posts such a long time ago (it doesn’t feel that long) I’ve just had to re-read them, just to remind myself of my life back then. It’s amazing how things can change and move on so quickly.

I think I’ll start just after March 2012 when I wrote the second post. In June last year I decided that I was spending too much time indoors working, sat at my computer all day and not getting out in the fresh air. I was telling everyone on my blog to get out and about, take a break, go for a walk and I wasn’t living by my own advice. So I got a puppy!

This is Hatchi, when I got him in June 2012 he was already 5 months old (which in hindsight was a huge nightmare!). Hatchi is a Breton Spaniel and needs LOTS of exercise and LOTS of attention. When I got him I didn’t take this on board, I just kept thinking that we’d go on lots of lovely walks together, he’d get me away from my computer and I’d be all healthy and slim. How wrong could I have been! I love having a dog and wouldn’t change him for the world, but he’s a big responsibility, he needs walking three times a day, I can’t do anything without considering what will happen to the dog.

I could write a whole series of blog posts on owning a dog, and about all the antics Hatchi gets up to, but as this is my business blog I might save that for another day.

If you read my previous posts you will also have seen there were plans to move to a farm and spend my day with cows and sheep and various other animals. Well back in June this year when the farm was nearly habitable I separated from my boyfriend. His French way of life just didn’t suit me, there were things I loved and there were things I hated, and the anxiety about all that just wasn’t going to work out.

Since then I’ve started new French lessons, 5 hours a week and also just this week I have found a new house to live in. The apartment I have been in for 2 years is just not working anymore. I don’t have enough space outside for the dog, and as I was no longer moving to the farm I have been on the lookout for a new place since then. My tenancy starts on 1st December but I have lots of cleaning and decorating to do before I actually move in. I will have a field of 2000m2 for the dog, as well as plenty of space indoors for an office and a guest bedroom – I may need to invest in some extra furniture to fill it though.

This is my new house…

Now my work day looks like this…

So as you can imagine, my working day is slightly different from when I wrote the other posts back in 2012. 

I get up around 8am, no alarm clock which I love! I might sit at my computer and check emails while eating breakfast, or sometimes I watch the news.

Around 10am I will take Hatchi for his morning walk, I try to alternate the walk I go on so he doesn’t get bored. We’re usually out for around 30-45 minutes.

I have my one and only cup of coffee of the day when I get back, it helps get the brain going for the official start of my working day. I spend a couple of hours doing client work, making sure I prioritise the important things for this time of day which means I can have a more relaxing afternoon.

Sometimes I have lunch at my desk, other times I will sit and catch up on a TV series I like to watch. Then after lunch spend another couple of hours on client work until around 3pm when I take Hatchi for his afternoon walk.

That just leaves a couple more hours for client work, and anything else that needs doing business related.  Just recently I have been working in the evenings for a few hours as I have been very busy with eBook formatting, but as a rule I will switch my computer off around 6pm and do something un-work related.

I used to spend my evenings on my iPhone searching for articles to share on social media, and generally continue working. I don’t tend to do this as much now, I have managed to separate my work and life a little more now my business has grown. I now have my very own virtual assistant who takes care of the little jobs I used to struggle to keep up with myself.

This Christmas I am actually switching off for the whole time, from 23rd to 27th December, no work, no business related activities. It’s going to be hard, but I am adamant I will have a proper rest from work.

And in 2014…

Well I have some ideas about where my business will be going in 2014, and if you are signed-up to my newsletter (you can sign-up at the top) then you might just hear about my ideas later this week when that’s published.

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