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Resource Review: SocialSafe

What you post on your social media networks like Facebook and Twitter is not legally yours. At anytime these huge social media networks could close down and take everything with them, your photo’s, your interactions with your friends, messages etc…

Last year I came across SocialSafe and was really happy to be able to start backing up my social media networks. I started out small and just added my Facebook and Twitter profiles, but recently I have added my Google+, Pinterest, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and my blog RSS feeds to SocialSafe. Each morning when I switch on my Mac it pops up and starts syncing with all the content I posted since the previous back-up.

From the SocialSafe website:

What does SocialSafe do?

SocialSafe provides an incredibly simple way to back up and archive your Facebook timeline, Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Viadeo profiles. Everything is stored locally on the user’s PC or Mac for super quick access via SocialSafe’s powerful search and browse functions.

Here are some of the features available when using SocialSafe:

Your Private Backup – All back-ups are saved on your computer and are 100% private, so not shared with anyone else. You can view them at any time.

Travel back in time – There is a great calendar which means you can easily check out previous dates on your networks.

Find anything in an instant – You can search all your social media networks in one place, and it’s super fast.

View all your yesterdays – The journal style shows you all your activity over your networks.

Export everything – You can export and view individual elements of your networks easily.

Always growing – By using SocialSafe you’ll never lose posts from way back when, you’ll have them backed-up forever.

I certainly don’t utilise SocialSafe enough, I want to spend some time searching and checking out all the features – but I know that all the content is there waiting for me when I have the time. 

Here is a snapshot of my journal entry for today, it shows who has followed and unfollowed me on Twitter, it shows totals of mentions, tweets and similar info for LinkedIn. 


I don’t think I could ask for any other information, everything I need is here. In fact there are a couple of things I wasn’t even aware of when I started writing this review, and it’s made me think about using this on a daily basis, especially to look at my unfollows on Twitter.

SocialSafe can be downloaded on a 60 day free trial and I definitely suggest you do this and check it out for yourself. Even when you start paying, the rates are so reasonable I’d be surprised if you stop using it once you’ve seen all these benefits.

I particularly like the Photo’s section, it shows me all the photo’s on my various networks and all of these are backed-up for offline viewing and you can export them. In the Calendar section, you can hover over the days and it gives you a quick overview of all your posts on various networks.

These are all the social networks you can use with SocialSafe.

Now, why not pop over to SocialSafe and download your 60 day free trial, even if you don’t continue using it afterwards you can export your back-ups to your computer and keep them. Be sure to follow SocialSafe on Facebook too, they are great at updating you and their customer service is great!

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