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Using social media as a marketing tool has picked up pace in recent years with the huge popularity of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter that are accessed by millions of people worldwide – with a potential market of that size, how could it remain untapped to companies and marketers? SEO is a powerful internet marketing tool, and the combination of SEO techniques with social media is definitely something to talk about.

Look at it this way: you are more likely to accept an opinion or recommendation when it is coming from a friend or someone you know rather than a stranger writing a bubbly review. In fact, we ask our contacts for opinions about products and services all the time! Social media is the way most of our contacts are garnered and communication is kept up constantly, so ideas and thoughts about products or services of a company are literally a click away.

Many companies now realize that their customers do not like simply dealing with companies who offer nothing but endless streams of annoying advertisement. Connections and relationships are the key for organizations and companies to interact with consumers and build trust so that customers don’t feel harassed and can feel secure in hearing from a company from which they have obtained valued services.

The power of social media cannot be denied – the number of tweets, shared posts, and ‘likes’ on these websites can transmit important information among large numbers of people within minutes.

Imagine what happens when a customer is happy about the services he/she received from an organization and tweets about it – instantly a short, positive review of that organization is transmitted to any number of hundreds of followers of the tweeter, many of who will certainly try out that company’s products or services because someone they know or trust has shared a good experience.

SEO techniques are a great part of internet marketing, and using them in collaboration with social media platforms promises double output. One can work with SEO experts on creating a social media page/profile on not just one, but many networking sites and make its design appealing and eye-catching. From then on according to advised guidelines, the networking, with a little prompting, will yield results.

Employing an SEO company can help an organization create brand presence on multiple sites and give strategies that make your product information easily available to a large number of people. Simple SEO Group is one such service that understands how social networking marketing differs from traditional SEO and can provide the best approach.

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