It’s the weekend, I’ve had a busy week speaking to potential clients and agreeing to write some articles for various websites so I thought I would use today’s post as a quick round up of my top 3 blog posts over the last 14 days.  I am nearly half way through the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I am surprised I have made it this far and pleased that many of my blog posts have been so popular.

In fact, it’s some of my first blog posts that have been visited and commented on the most.  I hope you all continue to come back to these posts and find useful tips and advice.

Most Popular Posts

In third place was My Top 3 Social Media Apps – I’ll be doing more blog posts like this in the future, I know a lot of us enjoying hearing about new apps and gadgets.

In second place was Spread the Luv on your Blog! – I notice that a lot of you are taking advantage of this on my blog, and I have found some great posts by clicking on my reader’s blogs mentioned using CommentLuv.

And in first place we have Who do you Follow on Twitter? – It seems to suggest people are really interested in who we should follow on Twitter and also how to make it more manageable.  You’ll certainly see some more blog posts from me on Twitter in the coming weeks.

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In the next few weeks I have some exciting news to share and if you sign up to my email list you’ll be the first to hear about it.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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