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I love this feature, I only heard about it yesterday when I updated WordPress to 3.4.  I had to try it out straight away, so I went and found one of my tweets and pasted the link directly into my visual editor on WordPress.  It’s GREAT!!!

So how do you do it… well it’s so easy, and I just explained it in one line above… but what does it look like?  Well here are some tweets below and you can see for yourself.

Standard Tweets

An Image Tweet

Someone Else’s Tweet


But as I have just found out, you have to paste them to the left and if you try and centre them or mess with them it doesn’t work.  So once you have pasted them in, leave them be and your tweets will look just as they do above for me… I think it’s a great new feature of WordPress, I’ll certainly be using it a lot more!

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