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I often pop over to Google Analytics and see where my website traffic is coming from. At the beginning of January I put some advertising in place, paid and free. I have been checking once a week since then to see how well these adverts are doing at sending potential leads to my website.

At the moment, 3 weeks in, it’s not been hugely successful, but this may change over time – I hope so anyway!

But this post isn’t about advertising, it’s about Google Analytics and a great Google Chrome Add-On I have found which gives you the details of which of your tweets has directed traffic to your website. When you are in GA you can drill down to referral traffic from social networks, but it doesn’t give you further information on the actual updates people are clicking on.

This Chrome Add-On is called Campalyst Plugin and once you’ve added it, if you click on the link on their homepage ‘add Custom Dashboard‘ it will set-up a separate dashboard giving you the stats on which tweets have sent traffic to your website. The free version only lets you look at 5 days, the pro version is $5 per month.


I thought I would provide you with a quick screenshot of what my dashboard looks like – admittedly, 5 days worth doesn’t give you a lot of information if you don’t get a lot of referral traffic from Twitter. And as you can see my bounce rate is really bad, just something else I need to work on!

Anyway it was worth installing, and if I have a particularly good day with referrals from Twitter this will be great tool to see what is working.

If you’d like to improve traffic to your website, it may be worth considering using Google Plus, take a look at this guest article I published back in October 2012 – How to Fully Utilize Google Plus for More Traffic and Income

Do you use Google Analytics? If so, what sections do you generally look at most?


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