Well this is a first, I am writing this blog post directly from my iPhone while watching (or listening) to the TV – it’s in French anyway, so I’m not missing much!

It’s nearly 10pm and I suddenly realised I’d forgotten to write and post today’s blog challenge post. I then remembered that I had the WordPress app on my iPhone which I haven’t ever used before.

So today’s blog post is about the importance of switching off from work, ironic yes?

I spend many an evening telling myself to put my iPhone down and read a book, or do something other than work but it’s difficult when you run your own business. Each hour if the day is another hour you could be earning money or finding that new client.

But… when I do switch off one evening (like I did last night) I sleep better and I wake up with tons of motivation the next day.

So here are a few tips on how you can learn to switch off more, even if you’re a workaholic:

  • Start by switching off once or twice during the week, gradually you’ll notice how it benefits the way you work and you’ll want to do it more often
  • If you must work in the evenings, then take time out during the day, even if it’s just an hour for lunch – my favourite thing to do at lunchtime is watch an episode of a TV series I enjoy (most recently that was Once Upon A Time) while chilling on the sofa with the dog
  • At the very least try not to check those emails or social media networks right before bedtime – this is hard for me, but imagine a client sends you an email last thing at night that really stresses you out (it’s happened to me), you spend the night worrying about it and your sleep is disrupted!

So I am going to follow my own advice right now and publish this post so I can switch off before bedtime. Apologies for the lack of formatting on this post (which hopefully I have now made better), the first job in the morning for me will be tidying it up – but at least I’ve not got behind on the blog challenge!

Let me know your switching off tips in the comments and I’ll give them a try, I need all the help I can get.

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