…and got a tan!

Back in January I wrote a post about my top 3 social media apps and one of these was called Flipboard. I’d only just started using it back then but already it had won a place in my list along with Buffer and SocialBro.

Today I use Flipboard more than ever, and also have it linked to Buffer in a way which makes the sharing of content so much easier.

Initially I only included my Facebook and Twitter profiles to my Flipboard account, a lot of the content I share comes from Twitter anyway, people are always posting links to great articles online.

I recently upgraded my Buffer account to the Pro version which means I can have up to 6 profiles and 50 updates in my buffer at one time.  I’ve now added a few of my social media clients Facebook pages which means I can post articles to these through my Buffer now as well.

There are lots of ways you can share content from Flipboard. My new favourite way of sharing content, the quickest way I’ve found is by emailing the article to my very own secret Buffer email address.

In the email you can use some short codes to identify which account you want the post to go too. By default it goes to all accounts, by putting @p on the first line followed by the name or even part of the account name, for example for my Twitter profile I could put various things like @p Twitter @p JoHarris0n, the post will only go to that account.  You just have to make sure each profile can be singled out, if they all have the same name you might come unstuck.

I have set-up some keyword searches on Flipboard so I can check out all relevant content I’d like to share. Today I’ve also added my LinkedIn profile and my Google Reader account which is great as I subscribe to a lot of great blogs which I share regularly.

All this information is fed through to Flipboard and I can quickly flick through the articles and email them straight to Buffer…

Unfortunately for me, living in France and still under a UK Vodafone contract for my iPhone I only get 25mb of free data per day. This afternoon I have sat for approximately 1 hour in the sunshine filling up Buffer for me and my clients, but I’ve used all my allowance. But it’s great when I’m at home and can use my wi-fi and browse and add things to my hearts content.

Between Flipboard and Buffer I save so much valuable time. I now have over a weeks worth of great content to share on my Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter and also on my clients accounts. It frees me up to interact with people more on my social media profiles instead of always looking for links and articles to share which takes time.

If you are using social media to promote your business, these two apps will make your life a hell of a lot easier, they have mine.

I challenge you to disagree with me!

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