It’s Christmas Eve, is there anyone there?

Depending on where you live in the world, you might be with family or you may not even celebrate Christmas… but what happens to businesses over this period when you may not have as much access to your promotional tools?  Social media such as Twitter, Facebook or even your own blog… if you neglect them for an extended period of time will people unfollow you or unsubscribe from your RSS feed?

To Schedule or Not To Schedule?

I have been thinking about these issues for a couple of days.  I want to spend time with my partner and family for a few days of celebrating, but I have been worrying about how I can keep my followers happy on Twitter and Facebook.  I could schedule tweets and posts, but surely people reading this post will realise they are scheduled and think I make a habit of this?  Well I can tell you I am not sitting here writing this today… Christmas Eve… No, I wrote this on Thursday, that’s the beauty of scheduling.  But I have decided that my Twitter account may possibly go silent for at least a few days, maybe the odd tweet from my iPhone but certainly not as much as a normal working day.  It’s not good to worry about things outside of your control, so I won’t, if people unfollow me on Twitter they’ll miss this blog post!

I hope whatever you are doing over this festive period you have a wonderful time, and I look forward to speaking to some of you in the New Year…

If this blog post has got you thinking about scheduling for holidays and other occasions well I am happy to tell you that as part of my social media and blog management packages I can set all this up for you. I can also schedule your tweets on Twitter, make re-tweets on your behalf and manage all your social media networking so you have plenty of time to build up your business.  You might also like to check out how else I can help you by reading my previous blog post 20 Reason’s for Hiring a Virtual Assistant.

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