If you are on my mailing list or even read my recent post Why I’ll be Supporting #MicroBizMattersDay on 9 January, you would have known all about #MicroBizMattersDay last Friday and how I was taking part.

Wow! What a busy day… In the run up to the day I was in charge of the MicroBizMattersDay.rocks website, and I was on updating it in real time with all the Google Hangouts being broadcast throughout the day. Many people got involved and there was a huge surge in articles and blogs being published all over the Internet, so I was already trying to add these to the website to keep everyone updated.

My favourite hangout of the day had to be the one with Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers in #BuildingTradesHour, what an entertaining hangout! But I did find some time in my day to take part in a Google Hangout of my own, in the #OnlineServicesHour which is below for you to watch if you’d like to check out my virtual hat.

So what now?

Well plans are already underway for the next #MicroBizMattersDay which will be held on January 8 2016 – so watch this space, and do join us next year, it was a rocking day (as Tony would say!). You can email me if you’d like to go on the mailing list for updates.

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