Once a month, Phil, Director at Positive Sparks and I go through our new favourite apps making a difference to our daily lives in web marketing and online business.

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Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – January

In our first podcast of the year, I start off with Blinkist – the first app I have actually paid for from the show! I then introduce my new find Tagboard, a hashtag curation app that helped my manage the huge social activity around MicroBizMatters Day. Phil chats about an all time fav of his Evernote and two apps, in Skitch and Penultimate, that help us turn Evernote into a digital store for our handwriting and scribbles. Phil then gets a little new age with his next app of Insight Timer, a meditation platform built on community.

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – March

In this month’s app selection, I “pimp” up Google Calendar and also explain why “Toby” is my new best friend. Phil looks at another keyword research tool in longtailsuggest.com and chats through Zoom.us which helped us present our first webinar together last week.

Automatically Grow Your Twitter Followers with Real People

This month see’s a new type of podcast for Positively Sparking. Every month, we’re going to share one of our latest web marketing techniques with you to help you grow your own business. In this first month, we take you through a paid technique we use to automate the growth of any Twitter account with a highly targeted and defined audience. If you’re looking to grow your own Twitter presence, follow the tips in this episode and you’ll have a great base of followers in no time!

Using If This Then That to Save Time & Improve Productivity

Every month, we’re going to share one of our latest web marketing techniques with you to help you grow your own business. In this second month, I show you how to boost your productivity using the app connection tool IFTTT. Learn how to create your first applet with IFTTT and how to create your own custom applets to do things your way. If you’re looking for a productivity boost this summer, follow the tips in this episode and have IFTTT working for you whilst you sleep.

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – July 2017

This month I chat through two Slack Apps. My first Slack App, Presense, indicates to fellow Slack users when you are free to Slack chat, or when you’re otherwise engaged. MailClark is my second Slack App that allows you to read and respond to emails, tweets and FB updates right from within Slack itself. Phil looks at yet another keyword research tool in Keyword Revealer, one that comes with some nifty filter options. His second tool is a new Google Analytics insights tool from Oribi. This new GA tool makes it much easier to take key pieces of information from the many things that Analytics will track for you. 

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – August 2017

This month I review a previous podcast guest in Zenkit (http://zenkit.com). I then go on to speak about Drag, a Chrome plugin for Gmail. Phil reviews yet another keyword tool in Mangools.com and then go on to chat about the new opportunities for B2B marketing within LinkedIn Remarketing Ads.

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – October 2017

It’s that time of year when clocks go back and Halloween trick or treaters come knocking at our doors! To keep you entertained on these darkening evenings, Phil and I chat through our favourite online productivity and marketing apps of the month. I introduce you to Station, a tool that’s made a big difference to Positive Sparks in the last few weeks. I also look at Awareness, an app that reminds me to take regular breaks when working at my desk all day. Phil looks at two Google Analytics tools, starting with Needl, a tool that automatically find insightful action points from your web stats. Next, he looks at the new Usage Trends report tool on GA Developer Tools.

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – February

Spring is beginning to break for both Phil and I this month and I spray sunshine and flowers on Mailerlite with my review of this rising MailChimp alternative. I also review ManageFlitter, a Twitter app I’ve been using for a while and enjoyed. Phil chats about keywordtool.io, a keyword research tool that works across Google, Bing, Amazon and the App Store. He also explains how Chrome App Ghostery helps him perform competitor research in online advertising.

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – April

In this month’s app show, I chat about Twitcher, a useful Chrome plugin that allows you to quickly change from one Twitter account to another. I also review SMMRY, an automated summarisation app that helps her condense long articles, including my emails and briefs…, into their main points. Phil introduces UTM codes and the very useful Google UTM Builder app that helps us all create trackable links for our promotions easily. He then chats about Facebook Canvas, an advertising development that I believe will enhance online marketing for us all.

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – May

In this month’s app show, I tell you about Hazel, a Mac organisation tool that has made my month! I also introduce you to Harvest, the established time tracking tool that I share a nifty method to keep myself on the free plan. Phil talks about a podcast favourite Zapier and the growth of Facebook Lead and Email Software connection zaps coming onto the platform. He also introduces Capterra, a website dedicated to the review of SAAS apps and software that also has a very interesting PPC option.

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – June

Every month Phil and I choose our favourite apps helping our daily lives in web marketing, productivity and remote working. This month we take a slightly different slant and go through some of the new apps I’ve been discovering as I train and grow within the world of PPC. We cover Adespresso, a wonderful Facebook Ads tool that helps us run very successful campaigns. We also go over Adwords Editor, a long time Adwords tool from Google and Opteo, an Adwords optimisation App. Both of these are huge time savers for us in our Adwords work. 

Slack Productivity Power Tips & Tricks

This podcast is the audio file from this month’s free webinar. I take us through my top power tips and tricks on the productivity app Slack. Despite Phil working with me every day on Slack, he still came away from this session with a whole load of new shortcuts, features he didn’t know about and a huge handful of new ways to save time. If you have ever wondered whether Slack can help you, this session with me might just be the moment you become convinced it can.

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month – September 2017

It’s Autumn time already and, as such, Phil and I chat through our favourite apps for darkening evenings this month of September. I look at social media scheduling tool PromoRepublic plus Facebook Strategy tool Meltwater Likealyzer. Phil looks at PixelYourSite.com, a tool for the easy installation of the FB advertising pixel on WordPress sites and Perfect Audience, a well known cross-platform remarketing tool.

Our Favourite Apps Of The Month & Year – December 2017

It’s our last podcast of the year! In this episode, not only do we pick our fav apps of the month, but also our top two of the year. This month, I discuss Text Expander, a smarter way to communicate. I then go on to introduce answerthepublic.com, a novel way to do your keyword research. Phil tells you all about his new way to store ideas, using a mix of Zenkit, Evernote and Zapier. Next he relays one of the new features from the ever-expanding Facebook Ads, a feature that will be of big interest to anyone looking to book people in for consultations, chats and meetings. So, what are our favourite apps of the year? It comes down to three…find out what they are and which two become our favourite apps of 2017.
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