5 out of 5 Stars

I love eBooks like this and I was excited to get the chance to download the eBook for free so I could review it for Becky Robinson, the author, of Weaving Influence.

Having been on Twitter personally since 2009, and then as a business since 2011 I was interested to see what sort of tips Becky had come up with in the book.

I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of information contained in the eBook, the contents alone give you lots of ideas before even reading the rest of the book:

Finding Your Why
Reviewing/Optimizing Your Twitter Profile
Installing a 3rd Party Application/Installing a 3rd Party Application to your Mobile Device
Creating Twitter Lists
Following and Contributing to Trending Topics
Direct Messaging
Finding New Connections
Searching for Customers
Searching for Thought Leaders
Exploring Hashtags
Setting Up Auto Follow Backs
Creating a list of tweets
Tweeting your own blog posts
Showing off Your Best
Sharing Something Off-Topic
Follow Friday
Embracing Serendipity
Getting to Know Someone New
Making an Introduction
Deepening a Connection
Giving – promoting others
Surprising and Delighting
Saying Thank You
Experiencing #TWIRL

A Note About Twitter and Numbers
Should I Have More than One Twitter Account?
Getting Started Guide
How to Add People to Lists
31 Day Twitter Tip Challenge

Becky has done a great job, everything explained in the book is easy to follow and understand.  It’s aimed at Twitter beginners, but there are plenty of tips in there for more experienced Twitter users.  

I use Twitter a lot and many of my clients come via Twitter, especially for my eBook formatting service.  I was surprised to find a few tips which I’d not really thought about before, so I’ll be looking at implementing those in the near future.

I think for Twitter beginners this is the perfect way to start your tweeting career, in the Appendix you’ll find all the information you need to create a profile and how to start following people and creating lists (something I wish I had done when I followed a handful of people – it’s a much bigger job now!).

You’ll also find the 31 Day Twitter Tip Challenge at the back of the book, using just 12 minutes per day.  As an incentive to take the 31 Day Twitter Challenge, they will send you another resource, the 12 Minute Media Strategy and Branding Playbook (a $57 value) to help you extend your influence — as a thank you gift.

If you’re looking to spend less time on Twitter but getting more from it, then this is the book for you.  I would definitely recommend  getting a copy of this and working through it.

The eBook is $7.99 and available to purchase at the 12 Minute Media website.

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