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I’ve just set-up a Social Media Clinic, but it’s only available to my email list subscribers.  I wanted to offer them something exclusive, so I won’t be sharing the problems on my blog or any of my social media networks.

I am asking my subscribers to email me their problems, in return I will write a short article solving the problem and include their name and a link to their website, just a little bonus for helping me out.   But the article will only be sent out to subscribers…

You don’t have to miss out, all you need to do is sign-up to my email list and you’ll start receiving the exclusive articles straight away.   Plus when you sign-up you’ll also receive my free eBook, 3 Key Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant.

What are you waiting for?

It’s very simple to sign-up, take a look to the right of this blog post and you’ll see my sign-up box… just enter your name and email address and you’ll receive a confirmation email, just click on the link in the email and that’s it!  You’ll receive the link to my free eBook and be on my list for when I start sending out the Social Media Clinic articles.

Just remember, this won’t work without your help, I will need your problems!  If you have a problem you’d like me to solve then email me right now.

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