Sometimes it only takes a few updates per day to keep your name/brand/company in the minds of your followers/fans.  You only need put aside a little time each day, or even every other day to keep the interaction going with your potential clients/customers.  I promise you it will be worth it!

Here are some suggestions about what sort of updates you could post on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn:

  • Quotes related to your field of work – you can easily Google these and keep a list of them handy to copy and paste into an update
  • Questions – people love to answer questions
  • Interesting articles aimed at your customers – e.g. authors could aim their articles at readers in their genre
  • Tips – a useful way of giving out some free advice as little tit bits, making people want more advice from you
  • Photo’s and/or videos – these will get people interacting with you – they don’t need to be overly related to your field but it will help if they are
  • Links – Links to blogs, video’s, articles, and interesting websites – make sure you have checked out the links yourself first to make sure they are suitable before you post them on your profiles for others

Things you need to remember about social media:


  • The aim of using social media is to interact with people, get them talking
  • Thank people for sharing – when someone has shared something of yours, thank them; it goes a long way in developing trust and gaining new clients/customers. 
  • If you ignore messages and comments it could potentially put people off bothering again, aim to respond within 48 hours.

Share Everywhere

  • If you have a blog, share it on all the social networks where you have an account
  • Post it in groups and forums you are part of
  • Stumble it using StumbleUpon, a lot of traffic comes from this site!

Guest Blog

  • Look for blogs and websites where you can be a guest poster, either articles or just short blog posts
  • Offer to write guest posts for free and you’ll get interest from people immediately

Create Video’s

  • Depending on your line of work, could you create short instructional videos?
  • Upload them to YouTube and try to update your channel regularly
  • Share these on your other networks when you post a new one

I put these suggestions together for my own clients because many of them didn’t know how to get started on social media. These are just the basics, there is plenty more strategies you could try.

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