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You know how it is, you’re laying in bed or pottering around the house and all these great ideas pop into your head.  It happened to me last night, I’d gone to bed but couldn’t sleep.  Having joined the blog challenge I’d been thinking through some ideas about what I can post over the next 31 days… So laying in bed at midnight and not being able to sleep I got up and decided to make some notes about the ideas I had been going over in my head.

Create a new post…

This morning I sat at my laptop and started a few draft posts on my blog, just with a sentence and saved them, this post was one of them!  Even though you have an idea it takes time to come together sometimes, but a good way of keeping your idea evolving is to jot down a few things, a sentence, some bullet points and come back to it later, and then again another time if you’ve still not brought it together.

Some of my favourite resources about coming up with blog ideas are Michelle Schaeffer’s 50 Article/Blog Title Ideas and also What to Write About When You Don’t Know What to Write About.  Another good resource is the video by Ace Inspire 40 Blog Post Ideas in 5 Minutes as well as the guest blog post on ProBlogger 5 Ways to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas.

5 Tips for Writing a Blog

  • Always have a notebook and pen handy for jotting down rough ideas
  • Bookmark posts that inspire you so you can come back to them when looking for ideas
  • Start a draft post and add to it until completion
  • Always remember who your audience is and try and write relevant content for them
  • Don’t give up, if you get writer’s block come back to it at another time

If you’re a small business you may have to come up with ideas yourself, unlike a bigger organisation who probably employs people to writer their blog for them.  In cases like this it’s a good idea to invite some guest bloggers to take some of the strain, and if you don’t know anyone there is a great website I came across last week called My Blog Guest, where you can look for relevant posts and make a request to the owner to see if you can use it on your website.  If you’re also a keen blogger you can submit posts of your own for website owners to request.  I will certainly be using this resource in 2012!

Alternatively, you could hire a Virtual Assistant like me to guest blog for you or even manage your blog completely.  If you have the ideas but don’t have time to expand on them, let me do it for you!

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