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Is your Content still Relevant?

When I am looking for great content to share with my Facebook fans and my Twitter followers one of the things I like to check out is the date of the article/blog post.  I’m not saying that older content isn’t still worthwhile reading, but I like to be able to share new content, the latest trends, the hot topics.

Sharing on Social Media

Sometimes if I come across an article that I particularly like and it’s still relevant I will often still share it, there are some articles which just don’t go out of fashion.   I also hope that many of my articles will be relevant in times to come, I do make sure that ‘time relevant’ posts are not shared on my social networks outside of that time, such as my posts around the Christmas period.  It doesn’t mean I can’t use them again next Christmas though.

Some articles though are just out of date and one of my pet hates is that this content is still being shared on social networks.  It wastes my time, and no doubt others time as well.  In this fast paced social media world if you’re going to share content, make sure it’s great, relevant and not out of date.  If I come across an irrelevant article through Twitter or Facebook then it’s likely I won’t visit your website/blog again, it suggests laziness.

Why include a date?

One thing I have noticed on popular blogging sites is they don’t post a date on their content, this is a great idea because you can’t tell how old it is unless you take a look at the comments.

Another way of insuring you only check out new content is to subscribe to blogs via RSS, that way you will get the content as soon as it’s published.  I recently wrote a post about this – How to Save Time with RSS!

So when it comes to sharing and writing your own content, make sure it’s great and relevant if you want to be sharing it still in years to come, in other words make it SMART!

Here is a great Infographic from Copyblogger which will help you create great content:

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