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Do you want to write an eBook?

It’s easier than you think…

I’ve written a few blog posts about publishing your book or eBook but haven’t yet discussed how to get to the stage of publishing, the actual writing part.  I’m not an expert by any means, and that’s why I wanted to write this post about a couple of experts I do know, Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas at ACE Inspire.

I recently signed up for an ecourse with ACE Inspire called Social Media That Sells and gained so much knowledge that my business has made great progress at the start of 2012 even picking up some new clients off the back of this course.

I very rarely recommend other businesses and possibly not via my blog, but I felt this deserved a proper write up because I believe that many of my reader’s will appreciate being kept up to date with advice and tips about eBooks.  So if there are any aspiring authors out there or even if you have started to write, this course is for you!

Here’s what you’ll receive with the course, taken from ACE Inspire’s Create an eBook website:

When you join ‘From Knowledge to Profit’ you will get the chance to work on your own eBook over 3 months, with live training and support. You’ll be able to take part in online training where you’ll learn:

  • why create eBooks
  • benefits of eBooks
  • how to choose a niche
  • how to do market research for your eBook
  • how to write for eBooks
  • how to plan your eBook
  • how to overcome writers block
  • about editing and proofreading for your eBook
  • how to price your book
  • about different places to sell your eBook
  • how to plan promotion and marketing for your eBook
  • how to launch an eBook

By the end of you course you’ll have access to a valuable library including:

  • recordings of the webinars
  • pdfs of the webinar slides
  • bonus videos & pdfs
  • worksheets and marketing plan templates
  • audio interviews with experts on eBooks
  • the ACEInspire Toolbox


    • 30 minute recorded ‘introduction to eBooks webinar
    • How to do market research tutorial
    • How to design a survey tutorial
    • Downloadable writing schedule
    • Writing tips eBook
    • How to turn your word doc into a pdf tutorial
    • Recorded webinar on routes to publishing
    • Marketing template
    • A Guide to Promoting your Business eBook
    • Bonus Video ‘What next?’
    • Case studies from inspiring authors and publishers

It sounds great, and if I was in the market to write my own eBook I’d definitely sign up for this course.  As I said previously the course I took with Antonia and Erica was really beneficial to my business and the methods of teaching are very enjoyable and flexible.  With this particular eBook course, as well as the above benefits, there will be 4 x 90 minute live webinars and you’ll also get the services of a professional editor and proof reader who will ensure that your book of up to 10,000 words is up to the standards of any publishing house. PLUS you will also get a cover designed for your eBook: chosen from a selection of exclusive templates and you can add in your own business branding or image.

Please take a look at the Create an eBook website and if you sign-up to the course just make sure you mention this blog post in the ‘where did you hear about us?’ box.  I highly recommend you check this out, but you’ll have to be quick, the registration closes on Wednesday 1 February as the course starts on Friday 3 February.

There’s a great article written by Antonia Chitty about how her life has changed since becoming an author, you can read it here – How becoming an author changed my life, and could transform yours too.

I’d love to know how the course goes, so anyone who decides to sign-up please get in touch and let me know what you think.

If you’ve written your book and are looking for ways to publish your work, take a look at my other posts How to Self-Publish your Book on a Budget and Self Publishing your eBook the DIY Way!