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Are you Pinterested?

I finally managed to get an invite for Pinterest, I’d heard about it and was intrigued to find out how I could use it.  Having spent a week or so browsing the many images, I created a few boards of my own and pinned some images that interested me.

As Pinterest is quite new I haven’t had time to think about how this will be useful to my business.  One of my boards is called Virtual Office where I have started pinning some images of great ideas for organising an office (see the image on the right), or layouts I like.  I also have a board called Social Media, although I haven’t many images in there yet, it’s still a work in progress.

Instead of going into great detail in this post, I thought this one could be more of a question and I am hoping my readers will be able to fill me in on the good bits about Pinterest or ask more questions which I can follow up.  Once I have been able to test it further, I will definitely write another post about it for those of you who are Pinterested. 🙂

Who uses Pinterest and why?

Will it be useful for my business and in what way?

Would you like me to send you an invite?  (Leave me a comment and I’ll send one to you!)

Who would you follow on Pinterest?  Are there any famous people using it yet?

If you’re on Pinterest and want to follow me, or would like me to follow you, you can find me with this username, JoHarris0n.