Myth vs Fact: Working from Home

I believe that working from home should be the norm for persons who are disciplined enough to do so. Especially in this day and age where there are millions of people who are making home based businesses work for them. There are many misconceived myths in regards to ‘working from home or working remotely’ and as a result, this may well be the reason why a lot of companies still frown on staff requests to work from home.

Take Yahoo for example – they have banned all remote working for staff with claims that “speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home” even though working from home may in itself, promote a more positive work/life balance thus resulting in increased productivity. It is proven that happier staff are more productive & willing to go the extra mile than those where no flexibility is shown. So what if you choose to work in your pyjamas instead of a suit?

If we stand back and actually look at a few of these myths for a moment you will see that some of them don’t stand much ground!

Myth Vs Fact

Myth #1 :- Remote working suits all

Fact :- Not everyone is cut out for remote working and able to survive in solitary confinement, often needing the buzz of a busy office to feel ‘sane’ and part of a team.

Myth #2 :- People who work from home don’t often put in the hours or as productive as office based staff

Fact :- Believe it or not remote workers can be more productive as their day often starts earlier and finishes later without any time wasted on commuting. Improved concentration can also aid productivity without the distractions of a busy office.

Myth #3 :- Employees who work from home are often harder to reach than office based staff

Fact :- Technology is at its highest with smart-phones, tablets and laptops, so home workers can be available at all times – and we often are more accessible than if we were office based!

Myth #4 :- You have to accept low wages to be competitive in remote contract work

Fact :- Not necessarily, a lot of home workers make as much, if not more as contract workers than they did working as ‘traditional’ employees. If you have your own business (as I do) then more time and patience is often taken building up your clientele proving your worth so, no need to sell yourself short thus you’re able to set your own rates accordingly.

Myth #5 :- You’ll spend more time gaining new business than actually working

Fact :- Gone are the days where you knocked on doors or stuffed your resume into envelopes – The Internet is at your fingertips & can be interrogated without shame. Social networking allows you to be seen worldwide by potential clients and have enabled me to work with clients all over the world.

To be honest I love having the opportunity to run my own business from home. I don’t have to dress up every day, I eat healthier, get to spend quality time walking my dog and remain in contact with everyone on my team. For me it’s a Win-Win situation and the best of both worlds.