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Top Tip: Customise your Sharing Widgets

We all have them, or if we don’t then we should have them… Social Media Sharing Buttons, Widgets, Plugins or Bars!  You can see mine at the bottom of this blog post, I use SexyBookmarks because I think they look nice, but I also use AddToAny (which apparently is now called Lockerz Share), there are plenty to choose from.


If you haven’t installed any of these on your blog then I highly recommend that you do, this is how readers of your blog can share your content with the world.  Sharing on social media is really important and without these your blog will most likely disappear off the face of the earth and not only that, your readers will be left feeling frustrated that they can’t easily share your great post with all their friends and followers.

But my blog today isn’t to tell you to go and install these buttons, widgets, plugins or bars… (although it kind of does say that above!)  The point of this post is to remind you to CUSTOMISE!

The widgets I use on my blog can be customised, so when someone clicks on ‘share on Twitter’ for example it will automatically add at the end of the tweet ‘via @JoHarris0n‘ – this means that when it’s shared on Twitter people can easily click on my Twitter username and choose to follow me.

Leaving these customisable widgets as their default is only going to send people to the widgets Twitter username.   Below are the options in SexyBookmarks to give you an idea where you need to look to customise yours.

A good tip when it comes to plugins and widgets on your blog is to look through the settings to see if there are any options to customise it in anyway, this will mean as soon as it’s installed you’ll be in full view of the world of social media, or have a much better chance to be seen!

The Ultimate Blog Challenge comes to an end tomorrow (31 January), that means I will be reverting to a different blogging schedule.  I will be posting to my blog 3 times per week, I hope you will continue to follow me.  You can do this via an RSS feed (top right hand corner) or by following the #blogboost hashtag on Twitter which I’ll continue to use.  Or even better you could sign up to my email list  (again top right hand corner).  I have lots more tips up my sleeves for you!