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Professional Services Swap Shop

I thought I would do a shorter blog today, not only because it’s Monday and it’s taking a bit longer than normal for ideas to pop into my head, but also because this afternoon I have my first meeting with my new French teacher.

Last week I got speaking to someone on Twitter because they lived in the same area as France as me, and they offered French lessons, something I have been looking for since I moved here in October. It soon transpired that not only did he live 20 minutes from me and taught French but he was also interested in my virtual assistant services.

Remember the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop?

We had a discussion on the phone that day and agreed that he would provide me with one-to-one French lessons each week in return for help with his business, using my virtual assistant services.  What a great idea, swapping services so we both get what we need.

It’s the first time I’ve even thought about doing this, maybe there is a professional service you’re looking for and can offer your own services in return?

I am looking into some advertising opportunities for my business this week, so if you’re in that line of business and looking for some virtual assistance, get in touch, maybe we can do a swap?