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Happy clients


Here are some of my happy clients

I’ve been connected to Jo by my previous VA and we have been working together for just over a year now (I had to double check as it felt longer). Jo isn’t my VA only; she is our Programme Manager successfully and ethically handling public and in-house coach training programmes. Jo is a mature professional, super efficient, gets things done, is reliable, sets clear boundaries to protect her personal time and is pleasant when dealing with as confirmed by my team and our participants. She understands the impact of her work on others and is very accountable. She has taken a huge weight of my shoulders; I simply wouldn’t have been able to focus on my coaching and supervision practices, running two coaching business and dealing with current and future participants at the same time had she not been supporting the way she does. I highly recommend Jo to anyone who needs a VA who will hit the ground running.

Leila Rezaiguia

I got to know Jo via LinkedIn, curious of the fact she was an assistant for coaches, someone who would understand my core business. Jo’s proactive attitude is unmatched. As a virtual assistant she behaves like a trusted advisor and she is very good at anticipating issues and planning ahead. What really stands out is her deep empathy and the way she relates to my practice in her own way. She has given me peace of mind and this is simply invaluable.

Xavier Garcia-Weibel

We really like working with Jo. She strives to help in whatever way she can, generally above and beyond what we ask her to do. Her response is quick and she is always open and honest about her workflow and when we can look to have any tasks completed. Above all, Jo knows a lot more than she currently promotes, as such, the more we get to know her the more ways we find we want to work with her.

Jo’s support as VA to my business has always been helpful and fun. Jo improved our operational procedures, how we manage tasks and see mini-projects through from start to finish, within six weeks of starting – a fantastic result. Whilst not taking herself (or me!) too seriously, Jo gets on with things in a professional and effective way. She takes the initiative when appropriate, she doesn’t need any hand holding. Jo gets on well with everyone else on the team. And most importantly, on the client side too. I strongly recommend Jo’s support as a VA.

Jasper Walshe

Jo is wonderful to work with. She’s fast, efficient, skillful and thorough. She’s also conscientious about deadlines and organizes her time accordingly. I’m happy to recommend her.

Marion Claire

I have been working with Jo since the start of 2021 and it is a decision I wish I had made sooner! Jo is highly experienced and has offered many powerful suggestions that have helped me streamline my operation and keep me focused on the most important aspects of developing my coaching business and serving my clients. Whatever I ask for support with, Jo responds promptly, positively and completes everything to a high standard. Her knowledge of various online systems, and efficient ways of operating, have been so helpful and saved me lots of time and energy. She is proactive and where she sees opportunities to work more effectively, offers them. On top of all of that Jo is warm, friendly and genuinely cares about the success of her clients. If you are looking for high quality support for your business I could not recommend her more highly.

Jo is an essential support for those who want to focus on what they do best, and leave the rest in competent, reliable, efficient hands. Jo is a business life-saver, and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Dr. Pam Kowalski

I have worked with Jo on a consistent basis for several years now and she has been a rock when it comes to organising my chaotic thinking and managing my clients for me. It is not an easy job! (There are many times I know I would have lost it working for me!). Jo is highly reliable, mature and super efficient in many critical administrative roles and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Melinda Coss

If you are looking for someone to reduce your workload so that you can concentrate on the growth strategies in your business, then Jo is your answer. She is extremely competent at what she does. Give her instructions and she will implemente them in a timely, accurate way. No hassle, no fuss. She is brilliant. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone looking for support in their business.

Dylis Guyan

Jo is simply the most organised and facilitating person I have worked with in the role of programme coordinator; always on top of and ahead of the issues, and the detail, which she communicates with complete clarity. When I needed someone to help develop my Consultancy, Jo was the person I instantly turned to.