Over the last 31 days I have taken part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and posted on my blog every day since 1 January 2012.  It’s been a struggle some days, trying to think of a topic and also having the creativeness to actually write the post, but I’ve done it… this is my last post.

I’m giving myself a bit of a break for this post, although to get this next list together has taken some time… What it consists of is a mix of the 10 blogs I have enjoyed the most over the last 31 days and the 10 people who have interacted with me the most on my own blog, all these blogs are from members of the challenge.

Why not visit some of these, I’m positive you’ll find some great new blogs to follow.

Please note, these are not in any particular order.

1. Literary Yours by Lynette Hammond

2. Golden Eagles Coaching by Nicole Bandes

3. Everything Stress Blog by Charlie Damonsing

4. Better Business Better Life by Caylie Price

5. Big Thinking Online by James Debono

6. RS Bookkeeping by Rob Scott

7. EosGrafx Web Design

8. Embrace the Leader Within by Lisa Berquist

9. IanH Photography by Ian Hamilton

10.  Little Sheep Learning by Elaine Lambe

So the challenge has finished, it’s a small relief because due to blogging every day I have gained lots of traffic to my website and had many enquiries, I’ve even picked up a couple of new clients.  I won’t be giving up blogging altogether though, but I will now reduce it down to 2 – 3 times per week.

I hope everyone  has enjoyed my posts and if there is anything you’d like me to blog about in the future just let me know.

Well done to everyone else who completed the challenge, I am sure to keep in touch with many of you.

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