Time Management!

Looking at the phrase ‘time management’ on the Google Keyword Tool there are on average 1 million searches conducted per month!  That’s a lot of people looking for time management advice.  Even ‘Make Money Online’ doesn’t get 1 million searches on Google each month which surprised me…

I’m one of them!  Not that I search on Google much looking for tips, I tend to read articles, blogs or books to pick up my tips.  More often than not while scrolling through my Twitter or Facebook feed there are various forms of time management blog posts or articles.

What systems do you have in place?

Having worked in busy, stressful environments myself for nearly two decades I am always on the lookout for some tips and advice on how I can manage my time more effectively.  When dealing with tasks from more than one person on a regular basis you need to have systems in place.  Over the years I have tried and tested many of these systems, ranging from allocating days or hours to certain members of staff and even refusing to speak to anyone else at those times so I can get a particular task finished.  Not answering the telephone every time it rings, responding to messages at a set time each day.  Not checking my emails every 5 minutes.  Some of these don’t work for me now I run my own business, I can’t ignore the telephone in case it’s an urgent request from a client, I need to be aware of emails coming in from clients for the same reasons.

Suggested reading…

There is much advice and various tips I could give you on time management and you’ve probably heard most of them before.  So instead, I am going to recommend a couple of good books I particularly like.

While I worked in education I attended a one day seminar with Kathryn Redway called Rapid Reading, it was really informative and a useful skill to free up time for other tasks.  Kathryn handed out her book at the seminar which deals with many of the issues facing people in the workplace (or even at home), it’s called Beat the Bumf!

Another book which was given to me for Christmas is I Don’t Have Time to Write by Nadine HillIt’s a common phrase you hear from people who need to write for their jobs, such as a blogger (like myself) or a budding author/journalist.  It has some great advice and it’s the reason I chose this topic for this blog post, it gave me the inspiration I needed to get going.

So as we all start to look at how we can become more productive in the coming year, my first challenge is to find time to write.  What’s yours?

Having joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge starting on 1 January 2012, it’s a great time to look and perfect my time management systems.  I hope you will follow my blog through January (and beyond) where I will try and pass on some of the tips I’ve picked up over the years.

Still need help? 

If you have time management issues in your business and need some help alleviating the problems, then please get in touch and see how Writer’s Block Admin Services can help you gain more control over your time.

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