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I love statistic’s, in fact I am going to dedicate a whole blog post to Google Analytics, but in the meantime I thought I would do an overview of the week’s statistic’s (Saturday to Friday) – week 3 of the blog challenge.

Top 3 Posts

10 Virtual Assistant Resources
This was obviously very popular as it received over 3 times as many page views than any other blog post this week.

Guest Blogging – is it all it’s cracked up to be?
A controversial post this one, expected it to have a fair view visitors and I was right.

Are you Mobile User Friendly?
I am still coming across popular blogs and websites that don’t have a mobile version of their site, it’s frustrating for us smart phone users.

Top 3 Referrer Sites

These are the top 3 websites that my visitors have come from this week.

Virtual Assistant Forums
Great if you’re a virtual assistant or aspiring to be one.

I do a lot of blog promotion on Twitter, so I am pleased it’s in the top 3.

There is a group on Facebook for the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I think this is why this appears in my top 3.

Top 3 Countries

United Kingdom

United States


Top 3 Browsers


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

More Statistics Next Week

There are so many stats I could show you, but maybe you’re not a stat-aholic like me.  If you don’t use something like Google Analytics then I would very much recommend it, by keeping an eye on trends you can make sure you give your audience what they want from your blog/website.


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