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I’ve asked my good friend Paula to write this guest post about using Facebook for business, whatever your niche you can utilise it in the same ways the big brands do and get the same benefits.

Remember to check out Paula’s Facebook page to see how she does it!

What begins with F and ends with book? Seriously you’d have to be from a different planet if you didn’t say Facebook, even if you are one of the very few who doesn’t have a Facebook Account these days you would certainly know someone who does and pretty much understand what it’s all about.

But how many of you really know how to use this FREE tool for your Small Business? Or even have a Business Page? Do you even know the difference between a Profile and a Page? If like me (a few months ago) you felt a little daunted by this prospect but now is the time to really get that Facebook Page up and running, before you are left behind!

Do I have a Facebook Profile or a Facebook Page?

Ok so a Facebook Profile is where you add friends, use it on a personal basis and Facebook only allows you to have one of these. Whereas a Facebook Page where designed for businesses which means you can create as many of these as you like! And you’ll know if you have set this up as you will have a ‘like’ button!

Benefits of the Facebook Page

I love using a Facebook Page for my business because it can be used as a virtual shop front, displaying within seconds what you do with the added bonus of making it that little bit personal. 

The thing with your Facebook Page you have a willing audience who are already paying attention to you whether they know it or not.  It’s not like you are paying hundreds of pounds for an advertisement in a magazine, your ‘likers’ have already told you they are interested so it’s up to you to keep them tuned in.

You can also have as many ‘likers’ as you want too, there is no limit to this if that’s not an incentive to get one set up I don’t know what is! Everyone is on Facebook so your business should be there too!

What’s your Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Now this does sound very rigid, which I am not but you got to use and abuse your page (in a good way of course!) which means you’ve got to have some kind of strategy, it won’t promote you all by itself!

  1. Invite people to your page, use your Hotmail account to search for contacts, LinkedIn and send emails to your friends on your profile inviting people to like your page.
  2. Schedule posts, pictures, links about what you do or what you like to get people interested and engaged. Use programs like Hootsuite to schedule them or just use the schedule facility on Facebook! You don’t always have to be there to promote your page.
  3. Interact! Talk to your ‘likers’, ask questions and really find out who they are. And above all don’t be afraid to show your personality and have fun!

And the Piece de resistance you can have the best of both worlds and have your Facebook Profile and Page using the same log in details so you can switch in-between them as often as you can!

Really work your page and above all listen to what your audience loves about your page and use it!

Enjoy my fellow Facebook users!

Author Bio:

I’m Paula and this is my dog Tommy. I run my own small business designing and making accessories from recycled materials, check out my Facebook Page

You can also follow Paula on twitter @SewReVamped.

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