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When you work freelance and have many different clients, not only do you have to be great at juggling you also have to ‘be your client’ in some of the work you do for them.  Wearing different hats is something a freelancer, especially in my line of business is an every day occurrence.

I offer social media management as one of my services and one particular client I work with has a blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I schedule blog posts for her which then migrate over to Facebook and Twitter, but I also need to promote her services and make sure her blog posts are read and try to get people talking about her business. I also need to make sure Twitter is up to date, sending out a few re-tweets with extra comments and the like.

This morning while I was writing a status update on her Facebook fan page I realised that to convince her fans that it was my client updating the status I had to think carefully how she would say what I wanted to say.  Luckily this particular client is a friend who I have known for a couple of years so I know her, and how she writes.  It got me thinking, a new client wants you to be their social media manager, maybe a small business so their fans would assume the owner would be posting wouldn’t they?

How do you find your client’s style of voice?

I have been chatting to a potential client the past week or so, and through our emails I have got a good idea how he comes across to others and I’ve not even met him.  Through communication, checking out their websites, blogs and current social media accounts you can get to grips with how you need to come across to your client’s potential and actual customers.

I think if you have just a handful of clients this shouldn’t be too difficult, but when you are successful at what you do and have a lot more clients to manage you need to start having some kind of strategy in place so you don’t get your client’s nuances mixed up!

If you’d like to leave your social media management to someone else, then get in touch and see how I can help.

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