I wanted to write a blog post today on something that people were interested in. I looked at my Google Analytics to see what the most popular posts were so I could find a topic to cover again, or in more detail, or from a different perspective but it didn’t work. I asked myself some questions, what time period should I base the stats on, should I check to see what the bounce rate was rather than just the page views… it wasn’t very helpful. I then decided to check out which of my posts received the most comments, easily done in WordPress by just sorting them into comment order (descending of course).

So rather than write about a recurring topic, I decided to use this post as an overview of the last couple of years and let you look back over the most popular posts on my blog. Those posts which received the most comments, which I am assuming are my most popular.

In descending order of course…


Do you Check your Spam for Ham? – 23 Comments


Guest Blogging – is it all it’s cracked up to be? – 23 Comments


Self Publishing your eBook the DIY Way! – 24 Comments


Five Useful WordPress Plugins – 24 Comments


Facebook: Should I Stay or Should I Go? – 24 Comments


Do I Break up with my Books for a Kindle? – 25 Comments


Help Family and Friends Understand you ARE Working! – 26 Comments


Promote Your Business Here! – 28 Comments


Plugins Your Blog Readers Will Love – 30 Comments


Spread the Luv on your Blog! – 37 Comments

I was actually surprised that these were the posts which received the most comments. I feel I have written some much better posts in the last year, but I suppose these are the ones that people felt most inclined to comment on.

I’m always looking for new blog topics, so if you have a problem I can help with please do let me know in the comments.

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